In 2016, why sponsor a printed map?

A fair question.

  1. It may surprise you, but the printed street map is still the most commonly requested visitor publication at thousands of chambers of commerce in every state. Thousands of them will be distributed by your chamber of commerce during its distribution cycle.

  2. Visitors use maps to explore, not just to get directions from point a to point b. Printed maps put the entire community in geographic perspective; ‘this thing relative to that thing.’ They do not compete with your iPhone or your vehicle’s navigation system and vice-versa. They are different things.

  3. Maps don’t get thrown away like daily newspapers or other ‘temporary publications.’ Research shows that 3 to 4 different people will view the same map before it is thrown away. As many as 20,000 people will likely see your ad in the printed map.

  4. The online edition links directly from The Chamber’s website, getting you thousands of additional views, and can link visitors directly to your business or organizational website.

  5. Your involvement shows support for The Chamber, and consumers appreciate community supporters. 

  6. First impressions are meaningful in buying decisions, and your ad will be among the first things visitors to your community will see. Very high top-of-mind-awareness.

  7. Very inexpensive exposure, per impression. Literally pennies per day. It’s like handing out ten boxes of your business cards.

  8. Show people exactly where you are, in relation to other community attributes.

  9. Promote the pride you feel for your hometown in a professionally produced promotional piece.

  10. Feel good about helping your hardworking local chamber of commerce spread the good word about your community!